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This is nothing more than just a collective test of your calculative skills and smart strategizing. Know the MRP of the product that the game is offering. Use it to calculate your risk. For example, if the MRP of a product is Rs.50,000, then decide that you can take 10% risk and play with Rs.10,000. Trust us, many have won their dream bikes in this much spending.

Read the trends. Check others profiles and see the past trends to roughly estimate the highest bid range. For example, if you feel the bid range is between Rs.4,500.50 to Rs.7,900.99, then you can start bidding at Rs.6,200 and place a minimum of ten sequential bids on both sides of Rs.6,200.

Play consistently. Winning is a matter of understanding the how others are placing their quotes. You stand at a better chance to win only if you maintain a regularity and uniformity in your playing style. Quoting random amount once in a while is not a winning bet.

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Communicate to potential buyers for your domain or website. You can start negotiating with any interested parties directly and agree on a price as soon as an offer is received.

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Start your own domain or website auction whenever you want, displayed on our homepage and in the matching search results. This enables you to reach a particularly large number of potential buyers.

Quality Platform

We always check our clients rights for domain or website which are in auction on our homepage.

How Its Work

Create an account on our marketplace at no charge. Your domains can be put up for sale as soon as your personal customer account is certified and activated.
Add one or more domains or websites to your customer account. Now all you need to do is set the price – your domain or website will then appear instantly on our worldwide marketplace.
As soon as your domain or website is sold, our free transfer service comes into play: Following the receipt of payment, we transfer the ownership of the domain to the buyer.